This android sdk requires android developer toolkit version or above. Current version is Please update ADT to the latest version. Android All. This android sdk requires android developer toolkit version or above. J'​ai aussi essayé de télécharger manuellement l'ADT et de. Learn about the Android SDK Tools component for the Android SDK. SDK Tools, Revision (June ). Dependencies: Android SDK Platform-tools.

Nom: android developer toolkit version 23.0.0
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If you do not, the Android 4. Updated the build to generate R resource classes for library projects with only the IDs needed by the libraries, reducing the risk of hitting DEX file limits for fields and methods. General Notes: Added support for Android 6. You have installed the Android SDK in a alternate non-default location. Liens associésRelated Links.

Download the latest version of Android SDK for Windows. Google would use to make the jump to the mobile sector, its developers' toolkit was made available. Cette Android SDK nécessite Android Developer Toolkit version ou Après le téléchargement de la dernière ADT à partir du site web, il semblerait qu'​il y. Ce SDK Android nécessite Android Developer Toolkit version ou Après le téléchargement de la dernière ADT à partir du site web.

General Notes: Updated build tools to allow use of RenderScript on older versions of Android using new features in the Support Library. Lint Fixed problem with lint not detecting custom namespaces. Issue Fixed problem with the XML report including invalid characters. Issue Fixed command-line execution of lint to work in headless mode to support execution by build servers. Issue Improved support for path names with spaces in the Windows command-line tools.

If you haven't already, update ADT to If you are developing without an integrated development environment IDE , you must have Apache Ant 1. Updated Systrace to work with the Android 4.

SDK Tools release notes | Développeurs Android | Android Developers

Fixed packaging of RenderScript compiler. Build tools General Notes: Fixed problem with compiling RenderScript code. Issue Fixed a problem with the monkeyrunner tool failing to import standard python classes.

Issue Fixed a problem with DDMS monitor not opening heap and network statistics views due to a class not found exception. This change decouples the build tools versions from the IDE versions, allowing updates to the tools without requiring an IDE update.

Updated tools to allow libraries to share the same package name as the applications that use them. Updated draw9patch tool to allow easier changing of markers.

Added new Lint checks, including checks for layout consistency, RelativeLayout siblings, Parcel creator, JavaScript interfaces, Service casting, quantity strings, manifest typos, orientation tags in layouts, overlapping names for 9-patches and images, and class existence checks.

Released some of the Android tools into Maven Central to assist third-party tool developers. Bug fixes: Fixed a number of minor bugs in the SDK and build system. General Notes: Improved error reporting in dx when dex merging fails in the build system. Added more than 15 new Lint checks, including checks for overriding older APIs, XML resource problems, graphic asset issues and manifest tags. Added new aapt feature to compile resources. General Notes: Build Updated build to detect and handle package name conflicts between an application and the libraries it depends on.

Libraries cannot share package names unless all of them share the same package name. Issue , Issue Added a flag to disable dex merging to deal with cases where merging could generate a broken dex file. If this happens to your project, add the following setting to your project. RenderScript Added support for Filterscript compilation. Added new project setting to control the RenderScript compilation target separately from an Android project. Adding the following line to a project. Issue Fixed incorrect flagging of formatting strings.

Issue Fixed problem where tools:ignore directive in the manifest file was ignored by the Lint tool. Issue Fixed problem with flagging a wakelock release inside a conditional. Issue Fixed handling of custom namespace attributes. Added fixes for filtering out library project warnings. Removed warnings about missing classes before a build.

Fixed problem with the SDK Manager so that it auto-selects the most recently released platform on startup.


Fixed Java finding script to look for the currently supported version of Java 1. Enable this mode by adding the following line to the project. Updated the build to generate R resource classes for library projects with only the IDs needed by the libraries, reducing the risk of hitting DEX file limits for fields and methods. Improved the build so that several editing features code completion, resource chooser, go to declaration properly handle library project resources.

Lint Added over 25 new lint rules for resources, locale settings, layout files, incorrect use of SparseArray and PowerManager. WakeLock and manifest issues. Updated reporting to include errors in library projects if the library project is in the list of projects to be checked. Added a new lint target to the Ant build system for easier integration with continuous build systems. Added new --sources and --classpath arguments to point to sources with different directory structures.

Added support for class file flow analysis. Improved emulators so that they launch with a skin that is dynamically generated and reflects the actual hardware configured in the AVD Manager.

GPS Signal + Compass

Bug fixes: Fixed manifest merger to properly adapt library classes in the merged manifest. Bug fixes: Fixed wrong check on build state that forced repetitive Java code recompilation. Fixed problems with running more than one emulator and running multiple emulators with GPU acceleration.

Improved resize algorithm for better rendering on scaled emulator windows. Fixed a bug in the lint check for unprotected broadcast receivers to ignore unprotected receivers for default Android actions. Fixed build issue for projects using RenderScript. Fixed memory leak in the emulator. If you haven't already, we highly recommend updating your ADT Plugin to General notes: Added new Device Monitor application, grouping Android debugging tools into a single application, including ddms, traceview, hierarchyviewer and Tracer for GLES.

Build System Added automatic merging of library project manifest files into the including project's manifest. Enable this feature with the manifestmerger. Added automatic ProGuard support for the aapt -G flag. This change causes the build system to generate a temporary ProGuard keep-rules file containing classes that are referenced from XML files such as custom views and pass this to ProGuard at shrink time. This can make the resulting APK much smaller when using just a small portion of a large library project such as the Android Support library , since the catch-all rules to keep all custom views from the default ProGuard configuration file have also been removed.

Added two ProGuard configuration files for use in projects: proguard-android-optimize. SDK Manager Improved caching to reduce downloading of repository definitions. Bug fixes: Build Fixed problem where test projects did not have access to the full classpath of tested projects, including Library Projects and third-party jars.

Fixed deployment logic so that applications with embedded tests can now be deployed and tested like test applications, including code coverage information.


Fixed Ant support for testing projects with libraries. Use this tool to download and install this update. Bug fixes: Fixed an issue that prevented some developers from running the emulator with GPU acceleration. If you do not, the Android 4. General notes: Updated the SdkController app to encapsulate both sensor and multitouch emulation functionality.

General notes: Emulator Added support for hardware accelerated graphics rendering. Android x86 system images are not available for all API levels. Added experimental support for multi-touch input by enabing the emulator to receive touch input from a USB-tethered physical Android device.

In addition to many new features, this update fixes the Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1 error some users have experienced. Updated the default proguard.

Split the ProGuard configuration file has been in half, with project specific flags kept in project and the generic Android flags distributed and updated with the tools themselves. Build Added a feature that allows you to run some code only in debug mode. You can check the BuildConfig.

DEBUG constant in your code to run debug-only functions. Fixed issue when a project and its libraries include the same jar file in their libs folder. This URI is replaced with the app specific one at build time. Lint Updated Lint to check Android application code. Lint rules which previously performed pattern based searches in the application code such as the unused resource check have been rewritten to use the more accurate Java-style parse trees.

Added support for checking library projects.


This change means that rules such as the unused resource check properly handle resources declared in a library project and referenced in a downstream project.

Added ability to suppress Lint warnings in Java code with the new SuppressLint annotation, and in XML files with the new tools: namespace and ignore attribute. You can use the new TargetApi annotation to suppress warnings when the code is wrapped in a system version condition. General notes: Added Lint tools to detect common errors in Android projects. Bug fixes: Snapshots now work for Android 4.

Fixed several small issues for the build file. Issue , Issue , Issue , Issue Bug fixes: Fixed emulator crash on Linux due to improper webcam detection Issue Ce qui a finalement travaillé était le téléchargement de la dernière Eclipse ADT bundle fichier zip à partir de developer. Si vous décidez d'emprunter la même route, assurez-vous que vous savez ce que votre espace de travail chemin est. Cela peut être trouvé dans les Préférences.

Puis renommer vos vieux "eclipse" directory pas d'Éclipse.


L'exécution d'un nouveau Eclipse. Elle peut également être fixée plus tard dans les Préférences. Cela va ajouter ces 2 articles de la "Fenêtre" dans le menu pour le point de vue actuel Java.

Je n'ai pas de déplacer l'extrait "sdk" le dossier, parce que j'ai déjà eu répertoire du sdk dans le même répertoire que eclipse, j'en ai déjà la dernière mise à jour Android outils. Mais si il vous fait vous sentir plus en sécurité, vous pouvez également renommer votre ancien dossier sdk à des fins de sauvegarde et déplacer le fraîchement extrait de l'un à sa place.

Original L'auteur derekg 3 J'ai connu le même problème et résolu. Vous devez désinstaller la Android plugin entièrement au sein d'Eclipse à partir de la section "à propos"..

Le problème est résolu! Original L'auteur user 3 Comment mettre à jour à partir de Cela permettra de battre les problèmes de dépendance.

Je souffre de ce problème depuis des jours, et j'ai essayé de chaque solution unique sur ce lien, mais pas de chance.

Mise à jour de l'Éclipse avec Android outils de développement v. 23

J'ai finalement trouvé une solution qui fonctionne réellement! Veuillez noter que cette solution fonctionne sous Windows 7 64 bits. Il doit probablement travailler pour d'autres systèmes d'exploitation Windows. Tandis qu'à l'intérieur du dossier "plugins" de votre nouvelle Éclipse, faire de la recherche.

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