Téléchargez la dernière version de Mame Plus pour Windows. À combien de jeux MAME pouvez-vous jouer?. Mame Plus est un émulateur de machine arcade. Initié il y'a plusieurs années, le projet M.A.M.E. pour Multi Arcade Machine Emulator a pour but d'émuler le plus grand nombre possible de machines d'​arcade, et. MAME, acronyme signifiant «Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator», est un logiciel d'émulation la version de l'émulateur prend en charge plus de 4 jeux uniques et Créer un livre · Télécharger comme PDF · Version imprimable​.

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J'imagine qu'un simple filtre 'show only available arcades' résoudrait le problème, mais le temps que l'idée fasse son chemin chez les développeurs Back-end targets supported are x86 and x Pour l'instant, aucune action en justice n'a été prise à l'encontre de l'équipe du projet MAME. Portability and genericity are also important to MAME. Activez ce add-on et direction la configuration de Mame Frontend Le paramètres généraux Nous allons devoir ici configurer le chemin de mame. MAME's purpose is to preserve decades of software history.

Updated to MAME u1. Télécharger eabne.info vu1 *FIX* Ce build de MAME qui n'avait plus été mis à jour depuis quelques temps vient de se​. Graphiquement le jeu est dans la lignée des plus beaux beat them all sortis au début des années C'est un bon [HD] GAMETRONIK - NIGHT SLASHERS - MAME u2 MAME - ROMs (vu7) - "Night Slashers (Korea Rev )" - année: - fabricant: "Data East Corporation" Télécharger: eabne.info MAME, télécharger gratuitement. MAME b: MAME est synonyme de Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Lorsqu'il est utilisé en conjonction avec des.

E fait tourner tout celà quasi parfaitement.

Avec les dernières versions, exit la ligne de commande. Il suffira à l'utilisateur de placer les ROMs de ses jeux préférés dans le dossier prévu à cet effet puis de lancer le logiciel; une fois passée la configuration, certes un peu studieuse, de son contrôleur, il ne restera plus qu'à jouer. Wikipedia: MAME an acronym of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator is a free and open source emulator designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern personal computers and other platforms.


The intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten. The aim of MAME is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines; the ability to actually play the games is considered "a nice side effect". Joystiq has listed MAME as an application that every gamer should have. The first public MAME release 0.

The emulator now supports over seven thousand unique games and ten thousand actual ROM image sets, though not all of the supported games are playable.


History and overview The project was started by the Italian programmer Nicola Salmoria. MAME traces its roots to an earlier emulator project called Multi-Pac, but the name was changed as more and more games started to be emulated within the MAME framework. In April , Salmoria stepped down for his national service commitments, handing stewardship of the project to fellow Italian Mirko Buffoni for a period of half a year.

In May , David Haywood took over the job of the coordinator.

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From April to April , the project was coordinated by Aaron Giles. Angelo Salese stepped in as the new coordinator. In , Miodrag Milanovic took over.


The project is supported by hundreds of developers around the world and thousands of outside contributors. Since 24 May with version 0.

In addition, different versions of MAME have been ported to other computers, game consoles, mobile phones and PDAs, and at one point even to digital cameras. Major releases of MAME occur approximately once a month.

MAME 0.220

Windows executables in both bit and bit fashion are released on the official web site of the development team, along with the complete source code. Smaller, incremental "u" for update releases were released weekly until version 0.

The architecture of MAME has been extensively improved over the years. Support for both raster and vector displays, as well as multiple CPUs and sound chips, were added to MAME in the first six months of the project. MAME has pioneered the reverse engineering of many undocumented system architectures, various CPUs such as the Mderivative custom Konami CPU with new instructions and sound chips for example the Yamaha FM sound chips , and MAME developers have been instrumental in the reverse engineering of many proprietary encryption algorithms utilized in arcade games.

The popularity of MAME has well since broken through to the mainstream, with enthusiasts building their own arcade game cabinets to relive the old games, and with companies producing illegal derivative works of MAME to be installed in arcades. Cabinets can be built either from scratch or by taking apart and modifying a genuine arcade game cabinet that was once used with the real hardware inside.


Although MAME contains a rudimentary user interface, the use of MAME in arcade game cabinets and home theater PCs necessitates special launcher applications called front ends with more advanced user interfaces. Front ends provide varying degrees of customization — allowing one to see images of the cabinets, history of the games and tips on how to play, and even video of the game play or attract mode of the game.

The information contained within MAME is free for re-use, and companies have been known to utilize MAME when recreating their old classics on modern systems. Some have gone as far as to hire MAME developers to create emulators for their old properties. An example of this is the Taito Legends pack.

On May 27, 0. In May , it was announced that MAME's developers were planning to re-license the software under a more common free and open source license, away from the original MAME-license. MAME developer Miodrag Milanovic explained that the change is intended to draw more developer interest to the project, allow the manufacturers of games to distribute MAME to emulate their own games, and make the software a "learning tool for developers working on development boards".

On Feb 24, 0. These elements replicate the behavior of the hardware present in the original arcade machines.


MAME supports arbitrary screen resolutions, refresh rates and display configurations. Multiple emulated monitors, as required by for example Darius, are supported as well. Individual arcade systems are specified by drivers which take the form of C preprocessor macros. These drivers specify the individual components to be emulated and how they communicate with each other.

Back-end targets supported are x86 and x A C backend is also available to further aid verification of the correctness.


Game data The original program code and graphics and sound data need to be present so that the game can be emulated. In most arcade machines, the data is stored in read-only memory chips ROMs , although other devices such as cassette tapes, floppy disks, hard disks, laserdiscs, and compact discs are also used. The contents of most of these devices can be copied to computer files, in a process called "dumping".

Une vue plutôt puriste de l'émulation est adoptée, interdisant des modifications pouvant faire fonctionner un jeu correctement ou plus rapidement au profit de la précision de l'émulation. Dans MAME, chaque composant est émulé le plus fidèlement possible, des registres aux jeux d'instructions.

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Par conséquent, l'émulation des jeux réalisée par MAME est très précise mais le système minimum requis pour exécuter le logiciel devient ainsi plus élevé que d'autres émulateurs. Cependant, l'émulation des jeux d'arcade utilisant de l'électronique plus récente, comme des processeurs RISC ou des DSP dédiés aux opérations mathématiques, nécessite une machine bien plus puissante.

Avec la sortie de la version 0.