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Yes, we did Garcia was a good friend and a colleague, and no one is gonna miss him more than me, but this was not reckless. I got you. You're gonna pull them out. So let me ask you the same question in a different way. Nobody knows you're here right. Yes, sir.

Sniper est un groupe de hip-hop français, originaire de Deuil-la-Barre, dans le Val-d'Oise, Le titre bonus Intersection sur l'album solo de Tunisiano est ainsi le dernier à Créer un livre · Télécharger comme PDF · Version imprimable. Le titre bonus Intersection sur l'album solo de Tunisiano est ainsi le dernier à représenter le groupe Sniper au complet. En , le label Desh Musique boycotte. Sniper blog,Per-Sni,SNI Aketo,Aket',Ryad Blacko,Tikaf Lakour,Solitary Lion,Black Renégat Tunisiano,Tuni-Tunissan,Bachir.

That's the sergeant place has been checked out. Nobody knows you're here right. Set up on the rooftop across the Street and start scanning those formulas for now. How do you deal with it? It's almost as if his second shot followed you around the tractor look.


I'm not interested in the sniper. I want Morales. I know, okay. I know you want Morales. That's a same kind of narrow minded focus. I just got a lot of people killed. How's it going up there?

No needles, I'll keep your eye on the glass coffee dad. Then help me before he checks me off his list. My God, whatever happened to just learning how to shoot Glory Days. Mister Guns got that right. I gotta ask you are you still GS nine. You know I actually managed to move up in the ranks since Tama. Yeah, I was gonna say since I started going a little gray, but you're looking pretty good yourself there.

Colonel Sanders oh man. That was a long time ago over 20 years ago, I think. Feels like it, you know when DOD told me you were on the team, I couldn't believe it a gentleman. I hate to break up this reunion because we get back to work at hand. Where did you find this brand new or more to the point?


Where did find you it was shot on me last night by the sniper we think works for Morales much of a safe House. She got their Samson allow me to state the obvious and busting balls, but you might getting a safe House that is actually safe already done sir.

Alright, let me talk to some people. Only so many points of access to get to this kind of tech Morales has it. We may be looking at an internal security issue. Alright, I'll scramble a vehicle to take you to the Cia black site from South Side of the city. Let's go. You're not needed anymore.

I've got something for you. You sure you want it. Yes, I'm sure I've got a girl he visits, but I know where she is right now just be careful. I got you. What do you want? I'm looking for my family? I need facial recognition on this Cobra right here. You know what reports from all of our border crossings top priority. So you just gonna let Brandon and strategy run loose.

It's not your son's operation. Beckett Oh it is now. Somebody knows every move we make.

For dumping his victims of the landfill. Only this time Maria's the one with the hole in them. Is Brandon is killed us starting to get out of here?

It was a hero. Sometimes I think that's my future too.

Sniper (groupe)

I don't wanna become him. But I wonder how could it end any other way? I do have taken lives. No, but the state Department's been all over me.

Sniper - Intersection Lyrics & Traduction

This isn't the way it was scripted. They haven't called me the State Department and Homeland Security work side by side, but our agendas don't always think up Homeland considers terrorists the greater threat bombs not drugs that's our priority.

Now in order to fight these bastards, we can't have some loose cannon starting a Street war with my family, they say. So what are you suggesting here?

John what I'm suggesting. We round up, Brandon and Strada. We get them on a plane out of here before bad turns to worse. Master Sergeant Beckett Nation Estrada are moving the needle. I say we give them more time. What do you say? Tom I agree. Just joking. Like what is being with money for this hit? Help us make this right? There's no way out. Diablo will let Morales make it to the courthouse.

You know it's too much. We'll see you two in Miami. But as I said in my assessment, I was out the album I would take Morales South 30 seconds after leaving the base that would be unexpected and also very dairy.

We advantage over both places while maintaining cover, we see him and no one 's the Somebody's got their hands in the cookie jar. I got some friends and defense are in DC, so I thought we'd level the playing field. Naval Research Lab flew these in from their facility in Chesapeake Beach. What to do Cartridge explodes Pre-selected distance like a rifle fired artillery Shell.

Yeah would only cooler cuz Rangefinder talks The bullet bullet talks to Target Target talks to got the kids back in the fridge home fries on Dick. John John that's right. Half Bath 12 time to move. I thought the whole point of a decoy for the bad guys off the scent.

Better safe than sorry John Okay, let's go. Black sedan about for the North hundred feet from the intersection moving fast and there's a surprise Samson. Target down Welcome to Miami. It's all here in black and White.


We got copies of every text you set your Ping and Morales Indianapolis like a teenage crush. You're blowing em through customs. You're telegraphing our movements, putting our people in harm's way. Alright, we got em. I told Garza to abort the farmhouse operation and I warned you pull your guys out. Garcia is dead because of you. Let me know yeah. La rencontre avec son père a été un évènement marquant de sa vie qui lui a permis de mieux se connaître lui même et de connaître ses vraies origines Reunionnaises.

C'est à la suite du deuxième album de Sniper "Gravé Dans La Roche" que Blacko a deux accidents de scooter en quelques jours, c'est ce qui fait qu'il a remis en question sa vie, la religion, le monde qui l'entoure pour se diriger tout naturellement vers le rastafarisme. Cependant Blacko garde toujours le coté "engagé" du rap, en éffet selon sa philosophie, les mots sont des armes.

Pour Blacko cette idéologie est clairement appliqué. En effet il chante pour défendre ses convictions et faire partager un message plus que pour "parler dans le vent". Et c'est en que sort le troisème albm du groupe Sniper : "Trait Pour Trait".

La tournée qui suit marque une fin à priori provisoire du groupe Sniper.

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Les trois membre se consacrent à leurs albums solos. Aketo sort une mixtape nomme Cracheur 2 Venin sur laquelle Blacko n'est cependant pas présent. Tunisiano sort quand à lui son premier album solo le 25 février Ce dernier s'intitule "Le Regard Des Gens". Celui de Blacko devrait sortir en septembre et s'appeler Enfant Du Soleil Ce morceau a été un des singles de l'album de Soprano, ce qui a permi a Blacko de plus se faire connaitre du "grand public" sans Sniper.